Our Services

Data Consulting/Master-Data Services

We provide a complete range of Master-Data Services, which includes data audits, data classification, data cleansing, data enrichment, data gathering, and master-data creation.

We utilize the right mix of content knowledge, domain expertise, and automation in the process to produce high quality content.

Data Audit

We do a detailed data audit to evaluate the current data quality. These findings are then used to determine the roadmap (based on client objectives) for the data-processing effort, including the data-enrichment levels required.

Various issues such as duplicates, coding errors, inconsistencies, etc., are identified and then the necessary corrective actions are recommended.


Data Cleansing

Clean and accurate asset, parts, and vendor data provide the foundation for maximizing the ROI of technology investments.

  • We assist in creating and maintaining a clean equipment master, item (parts) master, and vendor master files.
  • We specialize in data cleansing and employs a panel of domain experts who work with operational teams in order to determine the right noun/modifier combination, its attributes, and the correctness of attribute values.
  • We do provide attribute extraction to various industry standards or can develop a unique set of attributes using internal domain knowledge.


We offer a complete range of data-cleansing services

  •    Noun/Modifier Identification
  •    De-duplication
  •    Rearranging the Description
  •    Attribute Extraction
  •    Normalization
  •    Data Enrichment
  •    Calling Process