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Master Data Managements

Master data management (MDM) is a comprehensive method of enabling an enterprise to link all of its critical data to one file, called a master file, which provides a common point of reference. When properly done, MDM streamlines data sharing among personnel and departments. In addition, MDM can facilitate computing in multiple system architectures, platforms and applications.

The benefits of the MDM paradigm increase as the number and diversity of organizational departments, worker roles and computing applications expand. For this reason, MDM is more likely to be of value to large or complex enterprises than to small, medium-sized or simple ones. When companies merge, the implementation of MDM can minimize confusion and optimize the efficiency of the new, larger organization.

How CODASOL can help :

  • UNSPSC, ECCMA, PIDX, MESC codification
  • Along with MDM we can also help you with your Stock Audit with our own customisable tool, IStock
  • We can create and maintain new materials
  • We are also skilful in NATO Codification and Cataloguing
  • CODASOL can also create new materials for NATO using NMCRL
  • We can proudly say that our material cataloguing are error free thanks to our custom-made tool, PROSOL an On-Cloud ERP System