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Product Data Management

Product data management (PDM) is the process of using IT resources and services to store, manage, monitor and share data pertaining to a particular product. PDM incorporates tools and techniques to centrally store and manage all the data associated with a product’s life cycle.

PDM is generally applied to products that are built using a series of processes and raw material. It is connected directly to the production system and receives, stores, shares and collaborates product data over a network/Internet. PDM may include data such as product diagrams, technical specification sheets, project plans, images and any related data.


Advantages of Product Data Management

  • One of the main advantages of product data management is that you can retrieve any data related to the product at any time with ease.
  • Tracking the specifications of the product is done easily by the product data management software.
  • Product managers, sales personnel, product engineers, quality assurance team are all those who are benefiting directly by the use of the product data management process.
  • Meta data like, product release date, version of the product, owner of the drawings, at what time the information was accessed and by who are also stored in the database.