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Reliability Engineering

Reliability engineering consists of the systematic application of time-honored engineering principles and techniques throughout a product lifecycle.

The goal of reliability engineering is to evaluate the inherent reliability of a product or process and pinpoint potential areas for reliability improvement.

Reliability engineering can be done by a variety of engineers, including reliability engineers, quality engineers, test engineers, systems engineers or design engineers. In highly evolved teams, all key engineers are aware of their responsibilities in regards to reliability and work together to help improve the product.

The reliability engineering activity should be an ongoing process starting at the conceptual phase of a product design and continuing throughout all phases of a product lifecycle. The goal always needs to be to identify potential reliability problems as early as possible in the product lifecycle.

What is the need of Reliability?

  •    Reputation
  •    Customer Satisfaction
  •    Warranty Costs
  •    Repeat Business
  •    Cost Analysis
  •    Customer Requirements
  •    Competitive Advantage

Our services in the field of Reliability includes

   Life Data Analysis (LDA)
   Optimization for automation and production assets
   Dynamic overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
   Reliability Analysis
   Total Plant Reliability implementation
   Reliability consulting and outsourcing
   Education, training and change management
   Failure Mode Effective Analysis (FMEA)
     Maintenance Strategies Selection and optimization
   Root cause Analysis (RCA)
   Reliability centered Maintenance (RCM)
   Reliability Growth Analysis (RGA)
   Spare Optimization
   Degradation Analysis
   Life Cycle Cost (LSS) analysis
   Process Simulation