Master Data As a Service (M-DaaS)

Whenever you have to create a new master data like new business partner, customer, supplier or material, you need to contact multiple stakeholders. Most of the time all the stakeholders might not be available in time or they miight not have information to provide in hand. This delays the master data creation process and sometimes takes several days. In today's digital era, such inordinate delays are not acceptable for any enterprise.

  • What if there is a cloud based service which has all the needed information for you to create a master data?
  • What if all this information is just one click away, and integrated right into your enterprise application?
  • What if someone has spent years to collect and curate trust worthy master data and always keep it up-to-date for you?
  • What if someone has spent enough time and resources to make sure that the curated master data is single source of truth?

Propedia is just such as Cloud service which provides such a trustworthy data and makes it available to you on few clicks!

CodaSol's Material Data Experts have curated and organized Material Data across mulitple industries over the last decade. Propedia is also continuously updated every day with new material codes and information added to the database as new products and equipments enter into the market.

With Propedia as the underlying tool, CodaSol's MasterData as a Service can help enterprise keep their Master Data always up to date.


Data Quality and Master Data Governance

More than anything else, Cost-Quality Trade Off determines the specifications of a Product. Hence Every Enterprise requires its own standards for specifying the product attributes based on the cost and quality needs of the enterprise. This standard directly influences the specifications of the materials within that enterprise's context. Hence the product specifications which are right for one enterprise might under-specified or over-specified for another. As The Right Specification Standard for a Product determines its alternate or equivalent product, A Data Integrity Framework needs to be established.

  • Data Quality through Data Integrity Framework

    The Key Elements of a Data Integrity Framework are as follows:

    • Formulate Product Classification Structure/Ontology/Data Dictionary With every class and the associated characteristics to every class,
    • Parse and Classify Legacy Data against estalblished Classification Standard We assign the right class to each object.
    • Enrich Attributes: Complement the data by correcting and adding the missing information pieces (attributes and their values)
    • Consolidation of Material base: Integrating all the material base by ensuring the entire material base is fitted to the data integrity standars so that together they make a meaningful set of data
    • De-Duplication: Since the Material Data will be consolidated from different sources, de-duplication process should be performed to ensure there are no redundant specifications from different perspectives like purchase, maintenance, warehouse management etc.
    • Common Enterprise Data Dictionary should be updated for every data-addition

Data Enrichment Service

Data Enrichment comprises of all the activities which ensures the Data Quality and Data Integrity of the Enterprise Information Systems. Data Encrichment Service ensures that an All Master Data in the Enterprise have the "right-specification". CodaSol Data Enrichment Service is not only an offline, once-in-a-while data auditing process, but an online activity that needs to be performed with every master-data updation.

CodaSol Data Enrichment Service is also provided as an online process or embedded workflow process. The Key types of activities which comprise a complete Data Enrichment Service include

  • Search/Match Master Data: For a given search criteria, provide search/match capability to find the desired master data from central data repository. This capability which comes as out of box integration with CodaSol can be integrated with any enterprise application to search the required master data from 3rd party data sources.
  • Master data Integration: Once the matched/searched result is available, Enterprises can get details of desired master data record into their master data system and pay only for consumed data records.
  • Configuration of Master Data: after reviewing a master data, Enterprises can configure the master data such that they integrate only few limited sets of data rather than complete master data.
  • Data consumption Log: CodaSol Data Enrichment Service enables users to check the data consumption. Enterprises can check how many records are consumed for a given period from a data provider, what records are consumed and when are they consumed.